Tucker Carlson: John Cornyn, who decided to take guns from lawful gun owners, is unpopular with GOP voters

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There’s a big push in the U.S. Senate to do something about so-called gun crime. If you had a map of gun crime (that is crimes committed with guns, crimes which people die by gunshot) you would notice that they are clustered in cities. That’s where the overwhelming majority of gun crime takes place

But the Senate isn’t trying to do anything about that. Instead, Democrats have decided this is a perfect opportunity in the wake of school shootings to disarm you and the amazing thing is, Mitch McConnell, the head Republican in the Senate, is on their side completely, and he’s rounded up a group of 10 Republicans who can help him.  

So, the backbone of this package of legislation they’re trying to get through is something called a red flag law and in one sentence, a red flag law would allow the government to confiscate your firearms without even charging you with a crime, much less convicting you of one. 

So, who are these Republicans? Well, the lead is John Cornyn of Texas and the amazing thing about John Cornyn is he admits he doesn’t care about gun crimes committed by actual

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