Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden himself has begun questioning the fairness of elections

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A year and a half after January 6, the date much of the news right now, it’s interesting that even the most basic questions about what actually happened that day remain mysteriously unanswered. First and most obviously, if you’ve seen the tape, why did law enforcement open the doors of the building and let protesters walk right into the Capitol? That’s bizarre behavior, no matter what they say.  

So why did it happen and then once it did happen, why did authorities lie to the country for months and tell us that Officer Brian Sicknick had been murdered by the mob when in fact the medical examiner determined that he died of a stroke hours later? Just tonight on CBS News, we were informed, just a moment ago, as Norah O’Donnell stared on like it was true, that five police officers were murdered by the mob on January 6. Really?  

We know of one killing on January 6 and that killing was committed by Officer Michael Byrd, a Capitol Hill police officer with a confirmed record of highly reckless behavior with firearms, and yet, for some reason, he was allowed to shoot

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