Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden has given Democrats more power to harass political enemies

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There was a lot going on right around the time of the last presidential inauguration, so you may have missed that on his very first day as president, Joe Biden ordered federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to prepare a review of how the administration should fight terrorism. By last June, that report was complete. It concluded that after more than 20 years, Islamic terror is no longer the greatest threat to this country. Instead, the agency declared that domestic political extremism is “the most urgent terrorism threat the United States faces today.” 

That’s a very stark assessment, so you have to ask, who exactly are these terrorists who threaten us so urgently? And they’re not what you might expect. The report did not even mention the BLM riots, the deadly BLM riots that had just taken place. There wasn’t a word about Antifa. There was nothing about the gunmen who murdered 800 Americans in the city of Chicago last year, many of them children.

Instead, the Biden administration declared that the “most lethal elements” of today’s domestic terror threat are political conservatives. There are people who disagree with Joe Biden. Now that report

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