Tucker Carlson: Janet Yellen's reckless, loose money policies caused inflation

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It was six years ago and one of those semi-hilarious moments that has unfortunately been lost to history that Janet Yellen sat through what must have been the single most uncomfortable congressional hearing of her life. At the time, you may remember, Yellen was running the Federal Reserve and she was, as she remains today, a lifestyle liberal in good standing.  

So, put yourself in her position and imagine the shock she must have felt when members of the Congressional Black Caucus suggested that she, Janet Yellen, was, in fact, a racist, maybe even a White supremacist. What did Janet Yellen do wrong? Well, they suggested what she did wrong was she failed to harness the power of the Federal Reserve to help African-Americans specifically. Now, at first, Yellen seemed confused by this complaint. The point of the Fed is to keep the American economy stable. The point is not to pay off loyal blocks of Democratic voters, and she tried to explain this.  

“Our powers,” she said, “can’t be targeted at the experience of particular groups.” That was her response, but the Congressional Black Caucus did not buy it. Their message

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