Tucker Carlson: Jan. 6 hearing coverage is complicity in campaign to fool the public

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Thank heaven it’s Friday, mostly because it’s not Thursday. Yesterday was Thursday, a day that will live in shame in the history of the American news business.  

Yesterday, last night, every news network in this country, but this one faithfully surrendered its entire primetime lineup to Nancy Pelosi. So, in place of news coverage, people who tuned in got two straight hours of unedited campaign propaganda scripted by the Democratic Party. The effect was North Korean — every channel the same. Nothing like it has ever happened in this country. Now, the news anchors who faithfully did Pelosi’s bidding, pretended they were hearing some sort of congressional hearing, but they were lying. It was not a hearing. At a hearing, dissent is permitted. The other side can speak. Evidence is presented. Evidence is not censored or deceptively edited. That’s not allowed.  

So, what we saw last night was definitely not a hearing. It was a show trial. There was no pretense of fairness or accuracy. The whole thing was indecent. How many people were convinced by what they saw last night? Hmm, right around zero. They’re not going to win a single

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