Tucker Carlson: It is beginning to seem like the national security state runs everything

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We had a diplomatic incident last month and a lot of Americans didn’t even know what happened. The government of France did something they haven’t done in hundreds of years. They recalled their ambassador to the United States. They also accused the United States of behaving in a manner that is, quote, unacceptable between allies and partners. No, it wasn’t a cheese embargo that made the French mad. They were angry that the Biden administration agreed to provide nuclear power submarines to Australia. 

France had wanted to sell its own submarines, and the Biden administration effectively killed that deal. It hurt France, and they were mad about it. Now we haven’t had a problem with France, this profound sense, to be specific, 1798.  John Adams was president then, and the interesting thing is, he had no idea that we had a problem with France. It took months for words to reach him back in Washington that American and French diplomats were fighting with one another. 

By the time Adams learned about this diplomatic dispute, which became known as the XYZ affair, it was too late to stop it. A naval war mostly fought in

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