Tucker Carlson: How much longer can this go on in our country?

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So there’s a difference between lying and propaganda, and it’s worth knowing what it is. All propaganda is lying, but not all lying is propaganda. So what’s the difference between the two? 

Here’s what lying is. Think about the moments in your own life when you have lied. Most of the time you do it because you have done something that you’re ashamed of and you’re hoping nobody’s going to find out. When you’re caught as inevitably you are caught, you shade the truth. So someone says to you, you’re drunk. You say, No, I’m not. I’ve only had three beers, but actually you had eight beers. You’re lying. That’s what lying is. 

Propaganda is very different from that. Propaganda is not a shading of the truth. Propaganda is a complete inversion of the truth. You’re drunk. Somebody tells, you know, I’m not your reply. You’re the one who’s drunk. You’ve had eight beers. It’s shameful. And I’m disgusted by your drunkenness. That’s a propaganda looks like it’s the mirror image of reality is the exact opposite of the truth. And it is always delivered with ferocious aggression. 


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