TUCKER CARLSON: Hospitals are mutilating children, and one day we'll look back in shame, horror

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For thousands of years, clinical trials have been the center of medicine and the idea is very simple. Before you operate on someone or inject people with some new drug, you run trials first to make certain that what you’re doing will help the patient more than it hurts the patient. This is not a new idea. 

James Lind did it back in the 18th century with his famous scurvy trials. In fact, medical testing has been going on since at least biblical times because why wouldn’t it? Daniel of Judah compared a vegetarian diet with the diet of the royal Babylonians over a 10-day period, so he had a control group, independent observers, the whole thing. It’s not complicated, but it is essential. Throughout history, very few have questioned this practice because it makes obvious sense, but now they are.  

Modern medicine seems to be abandoning the clinical trial. The FDA, for example, just authorized a COVID booster without even bothering to test it on people. They just gave it to a handful of mice and said we’re ready to go. Why take the time to see if it actually works? Who

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