Tucker Carlson: Hillary Clinton isn't old news, she may be the future for Democrats

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I’m not trying to be cruel this Wednesday, just reading the numbers: Joe Biden is the most unpopular president that the United States has had in a very long time. Voters dislike Kamala Harris even more. And that’s a problem because this is supposed to be the new administration’s honeymoon period, the part where everyone thinks they’re great. So it’s not getting better from here. This is as beloved as the Biden administration is going to get. 

Smart Democrats can read the numbers. They understand this, and they’re working on a solution. This week, two of them wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal calling on the party to support Hillary Clinton for president in 2024. Hillary is the best-positioned candidate to win a national election, they argued. She’s also, they noted, younger than Joe Biden. Former President Bill Clinton agrees with this, or says he does anyway. Bill Clinton told People Magazine that his wife is, “The most qualified person to run for office in my lifetime, including me.” 

In fact, failing to elect Hillary in 2016 was in Bill Clinton’s studied estimation, a historic national tragedy: “One of the most profound

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