Tucker Carlson: Equality under law is slipping away

With America’s institutions under relentless attack — and in some cases crumbling — it’s worth thinking through what we’d like to save from the ashes. When the revolution finally ends. what do we hope to have left?

In other words, what are our best traditions? There are a lot of them. At the very top of the list is equality under the law. Equality is the most basic of all American ideals. It’s the very first principle articulated in the Declaration of Independence. It’s why the founders broke with England.

In America, all citizens would be subject to the same rules: The same standards. The same penalties. Rich or poor. Black or White. All of us are equal under the law.


That’s the promise. It’s easier to explain than to achieve, of course. But we’ve tried hard. We should be proud of that.

Yet some in power are no longer trying. Equality, the thing we’ve fought to keep for centuries, is slipping away. The Jeffrey Epstein case is the latest example. Thursday night, dozens of unsealed court documents from the Epstein case emerged online. They paint a picture of a

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