Tucker Carlson: Drugs are not the answer to every human problem

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Happy Monday – trying to stay cheerful in the face of everything that’s happening to the country. We talk about it every night, multiple disasters all at once, but if you had to isolate one single tragedy that’s produced the highest casualty rate in the United States, you’ll probably have to be the opioid crisis.  

Over the past 25 years, opioids have destroyed entire regions of the country, mostly rural areas, places populated by the people who built and fed this country for generations. Hundreds of thousands of them have died from opioid, and they’re still dying, more than 100,000 drug ODs just last year, mostly from fentanyl. Fentanyl is imported from China and smuggled through Mexico. If you live here, you probably know someone who’s died from fentanyl, probably someone’s child.  

What you may have forgotten in the face of all this sadness is that the opioid epidemic was not organic. It didn’t just happen one day because people in sparsely populated zip codes in Kentucky and Vermont and West Virginia suddenly felt sad and started taking dangerous drugs. No, this particular disaster was created by drug companies. That’s true. Purdue

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