TUCKER CARLSON: Climate change experts’ bullying is not about helping the Earth, it is about controlling us

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It’s been a tough couple of years for the experts. When it comes to big public policy questions, complicated adult stuff like war and disease and the economy – really the only things that matter – the assumption in Washington has for many years been that you should not worry about it. Don’t sweat the details. That’s not your role as a citizen and as a voter. We don’t have that kind of democracy, the kind where you might actually participate. No, your job is to trust the experts and their conclusions and then obey them.

But COVID kind of blew that up. If there’s one thing we learned from that disaster, it’s that public policy experts very often had no clue what they were talking about. Your hippie aunt in Mendocino County knew a lot more about how to beat a flu virus than your average virologist on CNN. They’re not going to tell you to go outside, get some exercise, some sunlight, some fresh air, stop eating junk food, turn off your computer once in a while, spend time with other people. Be healthy. That advice worked. The experts, by contrast,

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