Tucker Carlson: Chinese leaders treated Pelosi's arrival like an invasion

(Fox News)

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The thing about the Chinese government is, and this is kind of weird, the Chinese government almost never celebrates diversity. Think about that. American liberals, liberals throughout the West, love China. It’s Justin Trudeau’s model, but China does not celebrate diversity. In fact, and the American media never says this, but it’s absolutely true, China is a militarized ethno-state. It’s run along traditional fascist lines for the benefit of a specific ethnic group: the Han Chinese. 

It’s not supposed to be allowed, but they’re doing it. So, to Chinese leaders, the concept of diversity, equity and inclusion, those concepts make no sense at all. At best, they’re bizarre. It’s one of those incomprehensible jokes that Western liberals tell. The Chinese don’t get it at all. So, when Nancy Pelosi took off for Taiwan today aboard a U.S. military jet, the Chinese government did not issue a statement applauding her remarkable display of spunky girl power. No one in Beijing congratulated Nancy Pelosi for breaking glass ceilings as the very first speaker in history to identify as a woman. No one in China even mentioned that. 

Instead, Chinese leaders treated Pelosi’s

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