Tucker Carlson: Career bureaucrats subverted justice to make sure Joe Biden won

So much happens in the final weeks of a presidential campaign that it’s easy to lose off whatever happened to this or that development in the news. A lot falls between the cracks. There’s overload. Politicians know this of course, and they use it to their advantage. If they can detail a story till after Election Day, often it goes away forever. No one really remembers. 

That was precisely the thinking behind the Democrats’ response to Hunter Biden’s laptop. They knew from the first day that the contents of that laptop were genuine. Look at what’s on there. It may be theoretically possible that some foreign intelligence service would photoshop a picture of Hunter Biden’s crotch, mostly to amuse themselves. But a 100 pictures of Hunter Biden’s crotch? Adorned with M&Ms? Nope. No Russian did that. Those were entirely real. So were the huge numbers of emails and texts from Hunter Biden explaining how he was selling access to his father, the vice president, and how his father helped him do it. In order to enrich his family, Joe Biden changed our country’s foreign policy.  That happened. And it was the real crime that Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed. 

That was the real scandal.

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