Tucker Carlson: Biden's speeches reveal what he thinks of Americans

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Time for civics class, the abbreviated version. Here’s how democracies work: In a democracy, voters strike a highly straightforward deal with a government that rules them. Here’s what it is: Politicians do their best to improve your life. In exchange for that, you vote for them. That is a voluntary arrangement. It works pretty well. For 250 years, that’s how it’s worked here in the United States. 

But suddenly, not anymore. During his entire first year in office, Joe Biden did virtually nothing to improve the actual lives of actual American citizens. And he didn’t because he didn’t even really try. Making voters happy is not a feature of the equity agenda. Punishment is the point of the equity agenda, inflicting pain on the right people, dispensing rough justice, meting out reparations by other names. 

In his speeches, you can see clearly how Joe Biden feels about America. He’s deeply disappointed in the country, and he’s annoyed with the people who live here. Biden doesn’t cajole voters. He harangues and berates them. He patronizes them and issues threats. You cause the corona pandemic. You’re stupid and selfish. No Fourth of July hot dogs until

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