TUCKER CARLSON: Behind the 'disinformation' about Latino support for Republicans

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Way back in the summer of 2016, a phenomenon appeared in several political polls that nobody in the American media could explain. Donald Trump seemed to be performing exceptionally well among Hispanic voters in Florida. It was bizarre, so bizarre that everyone knew it could not be happening. It was scientifically impossible. If there’s one thing that every reporter in America understood, it was that Donald Trump hated Hispanics like the devil hates holy water.  

Some believed Trump was planning a national ban on picante sauce. That’s how deep and implacable his hatred was and yet, according to what journalists refer to as “the data”, actual Hispanics seem to like Donald Trump. Cognitive dissonance is the term that describes what happened next. How could the numbers show something that couldn’t be happening? So, the Miami Herald looked into it and their conclusion was fairly straightforward: Hispanic voters in Florida were mentally ill and also evil.  

As one Miami Herald columnist put it, “Donald Trump’s Cuban-American followers suffer from “Cuban Supremacy Syndrome.” It’s an old national ailment of the soul.” So, that was the diagnosis, something called Cuban Supremacy Syndrome, a serious but previously

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