Tucker: Biden's plan is to torque up the fear

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So, you can question whether Joe Biden actually got – what’s the number? – 81 million votes in the last presidential election and actually later in the show, we will, but even if you accept that there actually were people who voted for Joe Biden voluntarily, it’s hard to believe that many of them got anything like what they expected in return for their votes.  

Joe Biden, not to be dark about it, just to be honest, Joe Biden has turned out to be an unparalleled disaster. That’s not an overstatement. In fact, it’s a generous assessment. Our country has never seen anything like what Joe Biden has done. Barely 15 months into his first term as president, Joe Biden has crashed the stock market, provoked a food shortage, opened our borders to millions of illegal aliens, presided over historic rises in murder, inflation and drug ODs, as well as a corresponding plunge in overall life expectancy. And then, because all of that wasn’t punitive enough for a country as racist as ours, he dragged the United States into an entirely pointless war with a nuclear-armed power on behalf of a corrupt

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