Tucker: A look at the potential candidates to replace Biden and save the Democratic Party

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As we reported on Friday, Joe Biden was suffering from such severe dementia during the 2020 presidential campaign that his wife and his staff medicated him before his public appearances. We’re not guessing about that. We spoke directly to an eyewitness who saw it happen multiple times. 

That means that everyone around Joe Biden has known perfectly well for more than three years that he is incapable of serving as president and yet knowing that they foisted him on the country anyway. Why did they do that? Well, of course, to carry out a task, to carry out the revolution, then the historic protections of free speech and self-defense in the United States, to hobble domestic energy production, to scramble gender roles until no one can think clearly and then hook the middle class on federal handouts. That was his job. 

Like certain species of marsupials, Joe Biden’s task was to do one big thing. In his case, change the country forever and then disappear. We’ve reached the disappearing part right about now. Democrats would like Joe Biden gone soon. He’s longer useful to them. He’s just embarrassing. He shakes hands with thin air.

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