Trump's Mail-in Ballot Rejection Might Cost GOP the Election

A growing concern among conservatives is President Donald Trump’s attacks on mail-in voting are going to leave only Republican voters rejecting it as Democrats flood boxes with votes for their candidates.

If Republicans do not follow the Democrats’ push for casting mail-in ballots amid the president’s attacks, the GOP will be “basically putting a knife to their own electoral throats,” former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele told The Hill.

Still, Trump campaign general counsel Matthew Morgan says the GOP needs to be vigilant in all forms of voting in November’s election.

“If a voter can’t make it to the polls, they can request an absentee ballot — but universal vote by mail opens the door to chaos and fraud,” Morgan said. “States should be — and many already are — working to ensure polling locations can be safely open and operating on and before Election Day, and we encourage voters across America to take advantage of both of those in-person options.”

Five states—Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, and Washington— conduct elections entirely by mail, per The Hill.

California has made it legal for campaigns to gather mail-in votes from the electorate and submit them en masse, a practice called “ballot harvesting,” which is

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