Trump turns his ire on Haley, with barrage of policy, personal and conspiratorial shots

PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire — Donald Trump is moving aggressively to finish off Nikki Haley.

And he’s taking a two-pronged approach to doing it: Going after his former U.N. ambassador on policy in public remarks while launching conspiratorial, even racist broadsides against her online.

On Wednesday evening, the former president repeatedly assailed Haley, who has staked her campaign on a strong showing in the Granite State, accusing her of endangering entitlement programs, being in the pocket of donors and acting as a stalking horse for Democrats.

“As you’ve probably heard, Nikki Haley is counting on Democrats and liberals to infiltrate your Republican Primary to put her over the top in this state — which is no surprise, since her campaign is funded by Democrats,” Trump said. “If Haley wins, Biden wins.”

He insisted he only only picked her as U.N. ambassador to elevate his ally, Henry McMaster, to the South Carolina governorship by getting Haley out of that post. Haley, he added, would be “killed” by Biden in a general

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