Trump Should Be Endorsing Kathy Barnette


Posted: May 13, 2022 12:01 AM

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The Pennsylvania Senate Race is electrifying the country, as we see a highly competitive primary race on the Republican side. However, most of the mainstream media has proudly declared Mehmet Oz as the frontrunner in the race. Even President Trump intervened in the primary, with a ringing endorsement of Mehmet Oz—commonly referred to as Dr. Oz. Yet, Dr. Oz is not true to the America First agenda which has become more evident with his superficial defense of the unborn. Only one candidate in this Senate primary race truly manifests the spirit of the American Dream and the values of a true American First candidate and her name is Kathy Barnette. In face of unprecedented attacks against the pro-life community and our nation’s institutions, Pennsylvanians deserve a senator whose stances won’t waver and whose commitment to the unborn will never fade.

Her story is compelling, as Black Republican woman Kathy deeply understands the struggles of millions

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