Trump set the stage for Roe’s demise. For now, he doesn’t wanna talk about it.

It should be Donald Trump’s crowning achievement, one that fulfilled the deepest wish many conservatives have held for generations.

Three of the Supreme Court justices appointed by the former president signed onto the initial draft opinion that appears to signal the end of the landmark abortions right case, Roe v. Wade.

But at a moment of seeming triumph, the normally braggadocious Trump has been subdued.

The former president, never one to shy away from taking credit for accomplishments, real or imagined, has yet to crow about the majority draft opinion. And when asked about it in interviews, he steered clear of anything resembling a victory lap. Instead, he expressed displeasure that the draft leaked and sidestepped weighing in on the issue of abortion rights. On Wednesday night at Mar-a-Lago, he told POLITICO he was waiting to see “finality” in the case.

“Nobody knows what exactly it represents, if that’s going to be it,” Trump said of the draft opinion. “I think the one thing

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