Trump rallies supporters in New Hampshire — live stream

July was the hottest month ever recorded on Earth

On the last day of the month alone, 11 billion tons of ice melted across Greenland — contributing to record low sea ice levels

2H ago

Nature up close: Theodore Roosevelt, the conservation president

The conservation movement in the U.S. dramatically advanced under the 26th president’s watch, as he established 5 national parks, created the National Wildlife Refuge System and U.S. Forest Service, and oversaw the protection of 230,000,000 acres

5H ago

12-year-old discovers apparent woolly mammoth tooth in Ohio

Jackson Hepner was taking photos with his family when he spotted the giant tooth along the edge of a creek

19H ago

This university is banning beef to fight climate change

“Declaring a climate emergency cannot be empty words,” the school’s warden said

Aug 14

The fight to save the northern white rhino

The last remaining members of the species are a mother and daughter that live under 24-hour armed guard in Kenya – but two rhinos thousands of miles away could offer hope

Aug 14

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