Trump Praises Joe Manchin for Opposing End to Filibuster

Former President Donald Trump on Monday praised West Virginia’s Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin for “doing the right thing” and opposing an end to the Senate filibuster — a move that would allow Democrats to more easily push through legislation in the evenly divided Senate.

In an interview on “Varney & Co.” on the Fox Business Network with host Stuart Varney, Trump called Manchin’s opposition — despite pushback from his own party — “a very important thing.”

“He’s doing the right thing and it’s a very important thing,” Trump told Varney, a transcript of the interview showed. “Otherwise you’re packing the [Supreme] Court, you’re doing all sorts of very, very bad things that were unthinkable and were never even brought up during the election.”

“Nobody brought this stuff up,” Trump continued. “[Independent Vermont Sen.] Bernie Sanders can’t believe it. This is so radical liberal, radical left, Bernie Sanders can’t believe it. This is far more than he ever even talked about. They cannot, the most progressive —they use the term progressive — but the most radical left people cannot believe what’s happening.”

Manchin, a centrist Democrat who’s key for the party to be able to pass their agenda through the upper chamber, reiterated his position on the filibuster in a commentary for the Charleston Gazette-Mail on Sunday,

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