Trump keeps winning — but Never Trumpers are still feeling good

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — Donald Trump thumped Nikki Haley in New Hampshire — but anti-Trump Republicans are hardly upset about it.

Even after Trump went two-for-two in the early nominating contests, the non-Trump movement sees increasingly positive signs that the former president can be beat in November.

Polls and exit surveys from Iowa and New Hampshire show swaths of the Republican electorate cast ballots specifically against Trump — and would refuse to vote for him in November. Independents who helped hand Trump a general election loss in 2020 helped fuel record turnout in New Hampshire’s GOP primary. And Trump didn’t make major strides in either state in the highly educated areas where he was weakest in 2016.

“It was definitely not a good night for Donald Trump,” Mike Madrid, a California GOP strategist and co-founder of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project, said.

“By most metrics, the path to [stopping Trump] has become much clearer,” Madrid said. “The anti-Trump lane is discernible. It’s palpable. It’s big. It’s something

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