Trump Is the Media’s New David Duke

The media are so desperate to get Donald Trump the Republican presidential nomination that they’re acting like the fat lady has sung — and they don’t mean Chris Christie. They refer to Trump exclusively as the “front-runner” and gloatingly note that he’s dominating the polls so they can sneer at Republican voters for their cultlike devotion to a psychopath.

Trump is the David Duke of this election cycle. The media’s usual attack on Republican presidential candidates is to tar them with Duke, endlessly asking them to “disavow” him, despite the fact that they don’t know Duke, have never mentioned him and, for all anyone knows, he died several years ago.

This year, every Republican candidate has to answer endless questions about Trump.

Interviewing former Vice President Mike Pence on “Meet the Press” this past weekend, literally every question Chuck Todd asked was about Trump. Why are you running against Trump? Were the midterms about Trump? What do you think about Trump’s position on abortion? What do you think about Trump’s position on Social Security? What do you think about Trump’s position on Ukraine? Should Trump’s trial be completed before the election? What if Trump is found guilty? OK, let’s move off Trump

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