Trump Is Incidental to the Culture War

A home that was damaged by Hurricane Sandy, is seen in Union Beach, New Jersey November 12, 2012. (Eric Thayer/Reuters)The president dominates the news, but our politics are driven by fears of one another, not of him.

Why do Evangelicals and other religious conservatives support Donald Trump?

Sometimes liberals try to explain conservative behavior as the product of false consciousness. Sometimes they claim not to understand it at all. Ezra Klein takes up the challenge of answering this question by examining a recent speech by Attorney General William Barr. Shockingly, he more or less hits it on the head. Christian conservatives, he writes, “believe they’re being routed in the war that matters most: the post-Christian culture war. And they see themselves as woefully unprepared to respond with the ruthlessness that the moment requires.”

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Klein gives an unflattering description of this as an “apocalyptic psychology that motivates the strained defenses of even Trump’s worst behavior.” Along the way, Klein dings National Review’s editor, Rich Lowry, for saying he will root for Trump in 2020 despite the fact that the president “doesn’t respect the separation of powers in our government, he doesn’t think constitutionally, and says and

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