Trump campaign to resume TV ads on Monday with new targets in its sights

After going dark on TV for a few days this week, President Trump’s re-election campaign is expected to return to the airwaves with new ads starting Monday.

And sources close to the Trump campaign tell Fox News that when the commercials resume, they’ll be targeting a group of states that are among the first to start early voting and absentee voting in late September. That appears to be a shift from the campaign’s previous strategy of launching ad blitzes across most of the key general election battlegrounds, regardless of when voting begins in those states.


The president previewed the upcoming on-air assault, tweeting on Friday afternoon that “We are doing a new ad campaign on Sleepy Joe Biden that will be out on Monday. He has been brought even further LEFT than Crazy Bernie Sanders ever thought possible.”

While the Trump campaign would not show its cards and reveal in which states the spots will run, the battlegrounds of Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin all start sending absentee ballots to registered voters in September. And Michigan and the swing state of Minnesota allow in-person absentee balloting starting in

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