Trans Male Boxer Patricio Manuel Gets Victory In Fight Against Biological Man (Again)

Now this is kinda cool.

Patricio Manuel, a transgender boxer who is a biological woman, has earned yet another win — and did so via unanimous decision.

The 37-year-old’s boxing career kicked off in 2018 with a victory against Hugo Aguilar in Manuel’s debut. Most recently, Manuel earned another win against Alex Gutierrez in a four-round super featherweight fight. Both Aguilar and Gutierrez are biological men.

Manuel took to Instagram to celebrate the Gutierrez result.

“Picked up another win, got some stitches, hung with some of my people, did the thing I love with sacrifices but not compromises… all in all, 10/10,” Manuel wrote.

“Thanks to my team and sparring partners for the guidance + help, @heather_mcfeatherr for the weight cut, @goldenboy for the opportunity to compete on a big stage, my opponent for saying yes, and everyone who cheered me on – both in the stands or on the screen.”

“Full of gratitude that this is life I have consciously constructed for myself. And that I get to share it with so many great people.”

Transgender male boxer Patricio Manuel picks up victory in third career fight

— Fox News (@FoxNews) June 23, 2023


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