Trail camera captures rare footage of wolverine and Canada lynx

This video, provided by Swan Valley Connections, shows a playful wolverine. Climate change is possibly the biggest threat facing wolverines. These mustelid family members need consistent, deep snowpack throughout most of the year, especially when it comes time to make their dens and protect their young from cold and other predators. A message from Swan Valley Connections: When you donate to our Wild for Wildlife match campaign, you support wolverines, their critical habitat, and their future:

Volume up! Both female and male Canada lynx make vocalizations during their breeding season to attract a mate. When you consider their prefered habitat of dense cover, it makes sense that these sneaky, leggier-than-a-bobcat relatives would need to cry out to find one another. Swan Valley Connections, the organization that provided this video, is currently in the midst of its 1-month Wild for Wildlife Match Campaign. To learn more about how you can support their work and donate, go to

These videos were provided by Swan Valley Connections, an organization that strives to “inspire conservation and expand stewardship in the Swan Valley,” according to its website. The organization is in the midst of its Wild for Wildlife Match Campaign.

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