Tragedy In The Spotlight: Too Many People Are Giddy About Suffering From Lost Titanic Sub

The story of the missing Titan submarine vessel gripped the world this week, as search-and-rescue teams raced against time to save those on board.

While it is now being reported that debris has been found and the vessel likely imploded, we still know little about what transpired leading up to the disaster. Throughout the search, the vessel was presumed to be draining the last bit of its 96 hour oxygen reserve. While teams from all over the world worked to locate it, even before the debris was discovered, it was nearly certain that the rescue had failed. (RELATED: Coast Guard Discovers ‘Debris Field’ In Search Area For Missing Titanic Sub)

We have all become desensitized to immediate politicization following any tragedy in this country. We sadly expect a media spectacle.

Yet this is different. Whereas tragedies at home exist in a political context — debates over gun laws, environmental regulations, and so on — this occurred in a vacuum. There is no adversarial element — no authority to blame, no one to score points against, no agenda at stake. This is pure human tragedy at its worst.

That is why it is all the more galling to see one of the

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