Top Biden-tied connected firm cuts ties with Starbucks amid union outcry

A top Democratic consulting firm with deep ties to the Biden administration was working on behalf of Starbucks until last month, even as the coffee giant was pushing back against union efforts at several of its locations.

SKDK, a public affairs and political consulting shop co-founded by longtime White House adviser Anita Dunn, has listed Starbucks as a client for years. More recently, it was part of a larger campaign, including Starbucks and other entities, to invest in Black-owned businesses and close the racial wealth gap. The firm’s recent work coincided with Starbucks’ efforts to fight back against employees trying to create a union in various locations — and with the president’s increasingly vocal advocacy for workers seeking to unionize.

Those efforts resulted in more than 50 locations voting to unionize and with the coffee giant deploying increasingly aggressive measures to dissuade others from joining them. Starbucks has been accused of promising increased

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