Top 5 foreign policy lessons Biden taught the world in 2021

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Like the noisy neighbor throwing a raucous, late-night, blow-out, America just can’t be ignored.  Here are the five biggest lessons the rest of the world learned about U.S. foreign policy in the Biden era.  

The Adults are Not Back  

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. President Biden’s foreign policy has been marked by a series of missteps, misdeeds and misfires. That’s not just my view. I’ve talked with scores of foreign officials from friendly nations who are absolutely gob-smacked by Biden blunders ranging from green lighting Nord Stream II (the Russian energy pipeline) to the disgraceful withdrawal from Afghanistan and to the fumbling over Ukraine.  

Worse, their expectations that American policy will get much better under this president are lower than the president’s poll numbers. At best, they hope Team Biden can muddle through the next three years. They are already looking past this president. 

Buckle Up 

The world has also noticed that America’s chief adversaries are acting like every day is a Black Friday Sale. China, Russia and Iran seem particularly willing to press the U.S. During their virtual summit this month, the leaders of Moscow and Beijing poked at Biden, showing little regard for

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