‘Too Pretty To Rob’: Robber Holds Indianapolis Woman At Gunpoint, Then Asks Her Out On Social Media

An Indianapolis woman was reportedly asked out on a date by her mugger who told her she was “too pretty to rob.”

Amber Beraun was walking to her mailbox at approximately 4 a.m. after working a late shift in May when she was approached by a man who held her up at gunpoint, WRTV News reported. “He took it out of his pocket to show me what was going on,” Beraun stated.

The suspect, identified as Damien Boyce, allegedly pointed the gun at Beraun’s head and demanded $100 before asking if she had a boyfriend and if she would add him as a friend on Facebook, KETV News reported. At that point, Boyce reportedly opened his phone and watched as Beraun added him as a friend, promising to pay back the money he stole from her before fleeing the scene on a bicycle.

“I thought if maybe I added him on Facebook, he would leave and he did,” Beraun explained to WRTV News.

Damien Boyce allegedly forced the woman at gunpoint to add him on Facebook and then messaged her, asking her out. https://t.co/PJXhEBJxXo

— WHAS11 News (@WHAS11) June 22, 2023

Later that day, Boyce sent Beraun a couple of

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