Tom Del Beccaro: California’s leading export is becoming people and many of them are conservatives

On the surface, California is an amazing place.  As the former Republican Party Chairman and public speaker, I have traveled the state relentlessly for nearly 17 years and, I can assure you, the beauty and diversity of its landscapes are likely unparalleled in this country.  But as the world is learning, there is more to the story — California is a ticking time bomb.

After decades of one-party rule by the Democrats, California is beset by serious problems.  In the last several years, homelessness and rising crime have become California’s lead stories.  Long before the media took notice of that, however, California became unsustainable with staggering amounts of public debt, including unfunded pensions and infrastructure deficiencies that top $2 trillion dollars.

Despite state government spending over $200 billion a year, California can’t even reliably deliver water to its people and farmers or even electricity to its people and businesses. Indeed, its new leading industry, high tech, recently delivered a harsh message to government leaders that if they cannot be assured of receiving reliable energy, they could not stay in California.


Of course, seeing the writing on the wall, thousands upon thousands of businesses, large and small

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