Todd Forsgren: 'The World is Round' in photographic experiments

Cory Walsh

Things aren’t what they seem in the photographs of Todd Forsgren.

An image of rings in a scummy pond resembles Saturn. If the sun in a beach landscape seems too bright, that’s because he burned a hole in the print with a cigarette and snuck an LED light in behind it. Slices of salami look like they could be molecules or distant moons, but really it’s just what happens if you place them right on photosensitive paper.


“Todd Forsgren: The World is Round” is on display at the Missoula Art Museum through Sept. 10. Museum hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. To see more of his work, head to

A playful sense of experimentation runs through his Missoula Art Museum exhibition, “The World is Round,” which was culled from a series of the same name that’s been developing for over a decade.

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The photos come in varied formats and means — he’ll shoot on an iPhone or a professional camera, edit in Photoshop or apps.

“I love photography,” he said. “It’s precious to me. But it’s also profane to me.”

Forsgren feels as though he’s

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