To the Liberal Who Called This Montana Kid a Millionaire

You almost have to laugh at the hatred that the Left tries to direct towards Montana Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) anytime he or his staff posts something on social media. Doesn’t matter what the story is, their vitriol is on full display.

We had Senator Daines in our radio studio with us the other day (check out our podcast for the full audio). After the show, he shared some photos on social media. I got a kick out of one of the liberal commentators on Twitter. Here’s how she responded to the photos of Daines joining us in studio:

Aaron Flint is another millionaire who doesn’t want to pay his taxes or support $15 minimum wage. Keep talking to the 1% Stevie, you will always be out of touch with real Montanans!

I’m a millionaire? Sweet. Must’ve gotten a raise. I’m definitely upgrading my camper to a 5th wheel now.

I got a kick out of her calling me a millionaire, because we all know that everyone who works in local radio and TV is a millionaire, right? But I also laughed because I remember stuffing newspapers in 4th grade to make my own money as a kid. I remember washing dishes and waiting tables in

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