Title IX 50th anniversary – in battle over transgender athletes in sports, teen girls pay biggest price

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There are so many unfair things about what’s happening in women’s sports today. The unfair biological advantage that male athletes have when competing against female counterparts. The unfair destruction being done to women’s athletics. The loss of scholarships, of recruitment opportunities, of chances to compete at higher levels of sport. The unfair treatment by the media of girls and women who speak up against what’s happening.

But none of those injustices, in some ways, compares with what may be the most unfair aspect of the whole issue: the fact that we’re placing all the responsibility for resolving it on teenage girls.

Doug, Christy, and Chelsea Mitchell, taken at the NCCC Indoor Track Championship, New Haven, Conn. on Feb 1, 2020 (senior year). Chelsea’s team won the conference championship, and she had three gold medals in the 55m, 300m, and long jump.

This is not a problem teen girls should have to resolve, especially since they aren’t the ones who created it. Young women have their own instinctive sense of right and wrong. They may not grasp all the political and psychological intricacies of the transgender politics, but “fair?” Fair, they understand.


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