Time to ditch communist China's technology, or else

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Members of Congress are now deciding how to vote on one of the most consequential pieces of national-security legislation in recent history: the “CHIPS” Act, dedicated to increasing U.S. domestic manufacturing of semiconductors.

I urge them to support it. Failure to do so would be an enormous victory for the Chinese Communist Party and a massive loss of American workers and American servicemen who should not be forced to rely upon Chinese technology to protect us and them.   

Semiconductors are key to the United States maintaining its technological edge now and for decades to come. The strategic landscape in this critical technology area has been shifting to our disadvantage for far too long. Less and less cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing in America and ever more semiconductor capacity inside China risks making the world subject to coercion by the Chinese Communist Party, especially given Beijing’s military threat to the democratic island of Taiwan. The CHIPS Act is our first major opportunity to reverse this dangerous strategic disadvantage and decouple this industry from China’s influence. 

Beyond national security, semiconductors are found in electronics that every American uses in their daily lives, from cell phones to cars in

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