Time Magazine Tries To Blame Crappy Infrastructure Management On Climate Change In Hilariously Tragic Article

What do you get when you cross climate change propaganda on infrastructure with a totally ignorant readership? Turns out it is the stupidest article in the world, published Wednesday by Time Magazine.

From the opening sentence to the final word, Time Magazine’s article on the I-95 bridge collapse in Philadelphia assumes its readers are the dumbest people alive. Written by Jeffrey Kluger, the piece attempts to blame the collapse on climate change, and fear-mongers in the weirdest way possible — against the transport of fuel around the country.

For those of you who may not be aware, in early June, a tanker fire ignited beneath an I-95 on-ramp, causing a portion of the interstate road to collapse. Some people have claimed it’ll take months to complete the repairs. Literally speaking, yes, the bridge will take a long time to repair. Practically speaking, the bridge could have been fixed already, but that would mean countless people wouldn’t make loads of money from making the repairs take longer.

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