Time Magazine Champions 'Gender-expansive' Teens


Posted: Jun 17, 2022 12:01 AM

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When someone wants to complain about how our most respected news outlets once attempted to look “objective” but are now dwelling on performative activism, see Time magazine.

Time magazine is a shadow of its former self. Every issue is a “double issue,” since no one needs a “weekly news magazine” at this late date. The cover of the June 20/27 issue looks like graffiti, or an overworked chalkboard. It lists the cities of putative mass shootings, and then demands in red capital letters, “When Are We Going to Do Something? ENOUGH.”

Inside are articles with headlines like “In D.C., another cycle of inaction on guns.” From the high horse of “solidarity journalism,” the political elite is perennially inept at social change.

For another example of how Time is as overripe as a black banana, see the splashy 10-page photo spread titled “We Aren’t Going Anywhere: The pain and pride of a generation changing how America sees gender.”

Above that is a caption for the two-page

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