Time for a Claims Conference

Historically, those affected by the harmful and destructive actions of others have rightfully sought compensation.

Covid-19 has receded enough that one might go through an entire news program and not hear it mentioned. No doubt that during the winter there will be predictions of new outbreaks and threats of masking and closing businesses. But at this moment, Covid and all of its associated destruction, harm, and loss are at low ebb. At the time of writing, Google’s dashboard lists 6.52 million Covid deaths and 611 million cases worldwide. No doubt that the Chinese are hiding millions of Covid-related deaths.

So maybe the time has come to task the generally useless UN to do one thing that would justify its decades of existence: put together a claims conference of all countries adversely affected by the Covid-19 virus. All countries, save one: China. Now, humans have been very good at discerning between natural phenomena like tornadoes and hurricanes and those wrought by the hands of man such as war and conquest. Huge sums of money were paid by the belligerents of World Wars 1 and 2 to the countries they devastated and the peoples they harmed. Part of such an approach is

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