Three years into Abraham Accords, Biden’s Iran deal threatens to unravel it all

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While Americans have not received the bump to their budgets promised under “Bidenomics,” Iran is relishing its pay raise from the Biden administration’s policies.

A five-year high in oil exports has filled Iran’s coffers, despite the U.S. claiming to have sanctions on the regime. Not to mention the $6 billion the administration greenlit in response to the terror state’s hostage “diplomacy.” This summer, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force (IRGC-QF), a Foreign Terrorist Organization, raised some of its proxies’ salaries by 13 percent. This means that the IRGC-QF, and its proxies, have ample support to kill Americans, attack our partners, and threaten the region.

These developments matter deeply to American security at home and our allies and partners in the Middle East, several of whom are only separated by a narrow body of water from the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.

On this third anniversary of the Abraham Accords, the most significant advancement to peace in the Middle East, we are reminded of the need to strengthen our partnerships in the face of increasing Iranian aggression.


Aristotle once said, “A common danger unites even the bitterest enemies.” That is

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