‘Three Amigos’ summit we need: Biden, other leaders must get serious on energy, China, cartels

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On Monday, President Biden will meet with his counterparts Mexican President Obrador and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau for the ‘Three Amigos’ Summit in Mexico City to discuss trilateral goals for North America. 

It’s a pivotal time for North America and the stakes couldn’t be higher. 

Mexico-based cartels are supercharging the massive flow of illegal immigrants and fentanyl across our southern border. Demand for energy is high for our oil- and gas-rich continent. Foreign adversaries are increasing their influence in Latin America, which further threatens our regions. 

We need a new Monroe Doctrine for the Western Hemisphere, one that prioritizes the security and prosperity for the United States and our neighbors. 


As these three leaders prepare to meet, the expanding power of cartels, energy and China should be top of mind. 

Over the last two years we’ve seen very little urgency from the Biden administration to take serious steps to secure our border. They’ve fought to end Remain in Mexico, halted the construction of the border wall, and continue to release thousands of illegal immigrants into our country without knowing where the go. 

Migrant families from Brazil

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