This Mother's Day, Mama Bears really want these three things

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As a millennial “Mama Bear” to four school-aged children, let me tell you what Mama Bears want more than anything else this Mother’s Day.

First, we want special interest groups to stop pushing their toxic wokeness on our kids. As Mama Bears, one of our most important jobs is to protect our children – that includes protecting their innocence from radical special interest groups pushing a progressive agenda.


Daughter surprising pregnant mother on Mother’s day, with bouquet and greeting card

Mama Bears will not sit by and let Disney or any other woke corporation indoctrinate our kids in transgender ideology. Once family-friendly, Disney executives boasted about “adding queerness” wherever they can and plan to make at least half of all future characters “transgender” or racial minorities by the end of this year.

We will not remain silent while our children are exposed to inappropriate sexual material in school. If discussing sex in the workplace is considered discriminatory and illegal, why are sexual conversations forced on our kids in school?

In any other context, a secret and private sexual conversation between an adult and child indicates possible sexual abuse.

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