This Lime Green Number Probably Wouldn’t Work On Anyone But Megan Fox

Megan Fox rocked a revealing lime green outfit in a Saturday Instagram post, and she’s probably the only person that can successfully wear this color.

In addition to wearing the two-piece with her own personal fashion flair, this photo displayed her rock-hard abs and toned arms for all 20.3 million of her followers to admire. Fox then dropped a joke about not working out at all, while the image demonstrated her insane dedication to her workout regime.

The outfit was a bright lime green bralette that had a blunt-cut straight seam line at the bottom and thick, oversized straps flowing seamlessly from the same piece of fabric. The thick material straps tied around her neck in a halter-style formation and offered enough extra slack to playfully dangle from the side after being secured.

Fox’s high-rise pants covered her belly button and were the same bright lime green shade. The punchy color surprisingly didn’t overwhelm the eye. The design separated the top bralette piece from the fitted pants by fully exposing her perfectly tanned and incredibly fit torso. Fox showcased her six-pack with a cheeky caption that made it seem as though this was an effortless look. (RELATED:

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