This Juneteenth, parents need the right to speak up about school curriculum

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A father has sued his daughter’s posh L.A. Brentwood School, alleging “bait and switch” and civil rights violations. The school had responded to George Floyd’s murder by ditching its values – its traditional curriculum – in favor of an anti-racist perspective. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird was out. Ibram X. Kendi’s Stamped was in. Brentwood responded to Jerome Eisenberg’s concerns by throwing his daughter out of the school, presumably to advance the school’s goal of being “more inclusive.”

At first blush, this case appears to challenge well-intended if heavy-handed educational practices at an enlightened, progressive institution. In fact, it is not what it seems. Not because the administration denies the claims, as one would expect, but because the reforms are not as they seem.

It hardly need be said that Brentwood, like its peers, is all about exclusivity, not inclusivity. The irony, in the current climate, is that such institutions preserve the former by preaching the latter. That is to say, they protect their place in the cultural elite by maintaining appearances. The school’s curricular overhaul communicates the school’s faddish resolve to stay current with fashionable progressive orthodoxies.

Brentwood’s new curriculum was birthed out

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