This Isn’t Really the Joe Manchin Show

It’s a little funny watching Democrats, committed hard leftists, and every manner of progressive under the Sun talk about West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin like he’s some sort of secret member of the vast right-wing conspiracy. “The new Mitch McConnell,” they call the lifelong Democrat. But when you look at Manchin’s voting record, not just listen to the man talk, you see a committed Democrat. So what has the left so upset?

Joe Manchin sure talks a good game. To listen to the man speak, you’d think he were a Reagan Democrat, or even rarer, an old style Blue Dog Democrat, back when there were Democrats who cared about government spending too much.

In reality, he’s nothing of the sort. Senator Manchin is every bit as leftists as most of the rest of the Democrats in the Senate. He’s just better at hiding it. Actually, he has a reason to hide it, where many of the others do not.

West Virginia is a deep Red state. In 2020, former President Donald Trump carried the state by more than 5 touchdowns and a field goal, and Republicans dominate the state legislature. Manchin is an anomaly, a throwback to when the state was

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