This is National Gun Violence Awareness Weekend in Missoula

Friday kicked off National Gun Violence Awareness Weekend nationwide, and here in Missoula several businesses and locations have adopted the signature orange color that symbolizes gun violence awareness.

Be SMART Missoula leader for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Dannette Fadness has details of the events in Missoula.

“Today (Friday) kicks off the national Gun Violence Awareness weekend across the country and we wear orange to demand a future free from gun violence,” said Fadness. “Orange symbolizes the value of each person’s life and we wear it to honor those taken and wounded by gun violence and are calling for an end to this crisis.”

Fadness spoke of some of the businesses that are taking part in the Wear Orange event.

“Here in Missoula, we have around 30 businesses that are going to turn orange in a variety of different ways,” she said. “The Jeannette Rankin Peace Center has a beautiful display in their window,” she said. “Rockin’ Rudy’s, and ImagiNation Brewing, also. My family and I went down and turned A Carousel for Missoula orange a couple of days ago. They have new ribbons on the horses’ tails and the lights are orange. We’re just kind of turning the world orange

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