This graduation censorship season, here is how you can stand up for your faith at school

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Each spring, students across the country will take to the graduation podium to celebrate achievements, reflect on memories, and for many, offer a personal thanks to the Lord for guiding them to this milestone. And without fail, each spring, school administrators will try to censor the private, religious speech of these students.

Michigan school officials told Elizabeth Turner—the school valedictorian—not to mention her relationship with Christ during a graduation speech, because the school needed “to be mindful about the inclusion of religious aspects.” Savannah Lefler, another Michigan student, was told that her speech was too “Christianized” to give at a graduation. A Pennsylvania school district instructed student Moriah Bridges to edit her graduation speech to remove any faith-based content.

In each of these cases, the students did the right thing. Instead of caving to school administrators using a mistaken interpretation of the Establishment Clause, the students sought legal advice. In each case, First Liberty Institute intervened and secured the speaker’s right to profess their faith while wearing a cap and gown.

But graduation censorship is merely a symptom of a broader problem in our public schools. Despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s comment that religion is

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